Protecting Golden’s Quality of Life


The Golden Community Land Trust will be a non-profit entity that acquires, manages, and land banks properties and development rights that help protect open space and attainable housing for people who work or live in Golden.


open space

Once an undeveloped property is developed, the opportunity to protect it as open space is lost forever. The Golden Community Land Trust will help obtain and protect undeveloped land around the perimeter of our community to help maintain Golden’s small town character and quality of life.

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workforce housing

The cost to live in Golden is escalating. It is becoming increasingly difficult for many people who work in Golden to live here, and more people living here are at risk of being squeezed out. The Golden Community Land Trust will work to provide housing options for these members of the Golden community.


Open space + housing together

The attractiveness of our backdrops and the desire to be near outdoor recreation can contribute to a significant escalation in housing costs. Combining land banking and workforce housing initiatives allows for more powerful solutions than taking actions separately because the Golden Community Land Trust can be creative as well as responsive to market availability, giving the community a voice with the county, landowners, and developers.


giving to your community

The Golden Community Land Trust will also provide the opportunity for residents to give charitable donations or make investments in support of open space and attainable housing goals.


How can we get there?

The Golden Community Land Trust will acquire, manage, and land bank properties to help tackle two of Golden's most challenging land-related issues: protecting our community’s open space buffer and rising housing costs making it hard for Golden workers to live here and for residents to remain. Because land acquisition and land banking are the heart of tackling both of these challenges, integrating them produces a range of efficiencies and synergies, meaning Golden will make more progress on both in a shorter period of time.

The Trust will rely on a hybrid community nonprofit approach that ensures it remains accountable to the community and nimble enough to make substantial progress on these challenges. Acquiring, managing, and land banking properties and development rights will be at the heart of its work, and the Trust may also support or run other programs that support the mission, such as rental subsidies and educational activities.

The Trust can be funded through charitable donations, an investment structure, bonding authority, tax increment financing, developer fees, cash-in-lieu options, partner funds, a voter-approved lodging tax, and other sources. We are currently working with the City of Golden to explore the initial funding resources. If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to sign up for occasional email updates on the form below.

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